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What is CSR for the optical sector ?

The essential CSR discussions that that began at Silmo 2019 will be sustained by the results of a survey conducted with optical professionals, as well as their testimonials and shared experiences. This content will form the basis of a collective consideration and a co-construction of the CSR approach for the entire industry.


The CSR chronicles of SILMO Paris

CSR is crucial in optics, driving sustainable innovation and empowering stakeholders. It affects production, material choices, and social commitment, thereby shaping a greener, more inclusive future for the industry

Discover the CSR sheets of SILMO Paris

Introduction to the CSR

CSR sheet #1

What is CSR (Corporate Social Responibility) ?

CSR is the contribution made by companies to the challenges of sustainable development. A company undertaking a CSR approach will therefore seek to respect the environment and have a positive impact on society, while remaining economically viable.

CSR is based in particular on 2 international frameworks: the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and ISO 26000, which cover subjects as diverse as waste management, relations with suppliers, governance, solidarity and philanthropy, the work/life balance of employees, etc.

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Sourcing raw materials

CSR sheet #2

The extraction of raw materials is responsible for the destruction and artificialization of natural environments (quarries for metals, cultivation for agricultural materials, deforestation for wood, etc.), and contributes to the over-exploitation of natural resources.

According to the life cycle analysis of a pair of spectacles, the raw materials used in frames account for 7% of their environmental impact. Of course, in addition to the environmental impact, the social impact must also be taken into account, particularly in the case of metals whose extraction is often relocated to countries where standards are poorly developed.

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CSR sheet #3

Packaging, which is essential for protecting and transporting products, represents a major challenge in terms of environmental impact. Mainly made up of plastics, paper/cardboard and metals, it consumes precious resources and generates large volumes of waste.

According to the life cycle analysis of a pair of spectacles, packaging accounts for 13% of its environmental impact. Nevertheless, it is the showcase of a product's environmental commitment in the eyes of the consumer.

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CSR sheet #4

Transport accounts for 22% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the cause of climate change.

According to the life cycle analysis of a pair of spectacles, transport accounts for 5% of their environmental impact.
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The survey

Find the results of your testimonies, experiences and remarks following our online survey:


The CSR chronicles of SILMO Paris

Highlights on sustainability initiatives, social responsibility, innovation in product design, and industry collaboration to promote eco-friendly practices and ethical labor standards

The CSR chronicles of SILMO Paris

How far has the optical industry come in integrating CSR? Our expert, Dominique Royet, gives us the lowdown on ecological product innovations, ethical sourcing and sector-wide initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental footprint and promoting social responsibility.

CSR Podcasts: Expert advice


By Géraldine Bouchot, long-term planning director, expert in new consumer behaviours. Carlin international.


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