SILMO Podcasts tackle current and fundamental topics in optics/eyewear with influential voices from the industry to broaden your perspective.

Take advantage of these podcasts to find inspiration, whether you're a brand, a designer, a manufacturer, a retailer or an optician.

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The Right Optics by SILMO:

Pedro Da Silva is an award-winning eyewear designer and regular exhibitor at Silmo. His brand, VAVA, is renowned for its avant-garde and minimalist style, bringing innovative, timeless products of the highest quality to the market. His story is laced with desgin, music, culture, urban renewal and a passion for sustainability - and he tells it beautifully in this incredibly engaging interview with Nick Coffer.

Debby Coath and Jez Levy have nearly 80 years of combined experience in high-end designer eyewear retail. Debby, an independent agent, currently represents brands like Dita and Ahlem, using her extensive experience to offer fresh perspectives on these brands. Jez owns Eyes on St Albans, a premier eyewear store near London that exclusively stocks designer brands such as Kirk & Kirk, Blake Kuwahara, and Vava. In a visit to his shop, Jez explains to Nick how he thrives in the competitive market.

The Right Optics by SILMO live from SILMO Paris :


In this first of three episodes live from SILMO Paris, Nick Coffer meets Jean-François Porte, Managing Director of Edgard Opticiens, and winner of this year's International Optician of the Year award. Céline Benoit from Essilorluxottica presents their SILMO d'Or winning lenses, Varilux XR, and Nick talks to Rodolphe Tesse from Saargos, another SILMO d'Or winner, about their innovative "Quick See Free" product.

In this second episode live from SILMO Paris, Nick meets the winner of the Silmo 2023 Design Competition, Hugo Plessis, Jenkiz Saillet from Novacel, the brand with a Guadeloupean soul Bellatrix, as well as Oxibis who cleverly used AI in their recent marketing campaign and Linotte Lunettes who make glasses using linen.
In this lively new episode, at the heart of SILMO Paris 2023, Nick talks to some of the other exceptional brands and personalities who made this year's SILMO so special: he talks to Maison Lafont who are celebrating their 100th anniversary, Tessan explains how they are revolutionising the way you see your ophthalmologist, Friendly Frenchie shows him how they use scallops in their frames, and with SILMO d'Or winner Sébastien Brusset, who had a very successful SILMO.

SILMO Next podcasts:

In this first episode, Nick Coffer is joined by Sébastien Brusset to explore the key issues facing the optical industry as the market for connected glasses takes off.

Podcast SILMO Academy

SILMO Academy brings together world experts in optics to speak at the various Silmo events throughout the year. Nick Coffer chats to one of the speakers of the sessions that took place in SILMO Singapore, Grant Hannaford.

In a fascinating and insightful interview, Grant talks about the journey which brought him into the optics world, his passion for research into lens design, his doctorate at Aston University, his desire to make optical knowledge accessible to all, his International Optician of the Year Award in 2022 and much more.