Discover SILMO Paris, its exhibitors and events, according to your areas of interest, thanks to our visit itineraries.

SILMO Paris offers you a 360° view of the Optics and Eyewear sector through a series of itineraries designed to meet your needs and expectations. Creative or committed? A technophile or an expert in visual health? And why not a mix of all?

SILMO Paris will once again be bringing together all the inspiring content you could wish for.

Find out which career path best suits the visionary in you. The choice is yours!

A man and a woman building glasses on a tablet

Technophile Visionary

Can't wait for the future!

Ultra-connected, you don’t need a crystal ball to predict your future. One day, you will be selling glasses in space and, if you are not already on the moon, it is merely because you also have your two feet on the ground and love practical innovations.

You will obviously start with Futurology and Trends Forum, a trip into the future of optics with all the innovations identified by our experts: a feast for your eyes. By the time you have quenched your thirst for technology, you can enjoy a well-deserved glass of champagne or two before meeting up for a chat with other visionaries in the Start-up area and discover the latest research unveiled at the SILMO Academy symposium.

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Creative Visionary

The Art of Style!

Inspiration, intuition, impulsion… You are a real trend-setter, constantly looking out for the latest fashions on the web and in the street, at exhibitions and on catwalks, in fashionable stores and magazines. In fact, your friends look to you, as an influencer, for inspiration!

Immediately after checking in, you will hurry to the Trends Forum to examine the wonders of the new season. Then, to stimulate your creativity, you will head for the creators in Hall 7 and have a look at the brand new Design Competition. While queuing for your falafels at the food truck, you can compare your SILMO d’Or predictions with your neighbours.

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Man with creative glasses
Woman wearing glasses and smiling

Activist Visionary

What if we all did our bit?

Life means looking ahead. Being aware of the fundamental challenges of the future, you do not hesitate to invest in the projects that you believe in, and you are well aware that being an activist means not just dreaming of the optical future, but building it today!

Your first impulse will be to visit the creators, start-ups, and MOF, just to make sure that the optics of the future will be truly responsible! Then see you at the Trends Forum and Futurology, to observe and inspect in the near and more distant future if the industry has acted on the environmental and societal challenges!

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Visionary Expert in Visual Health

A vision ace

You are a vision wizard, you have a keen eye for spotting the specific features and details that make each of your customers' eyes unique. Your mastery of optics and its technical dimensions impresses many!

Of course, you'll start by taking in the glassmakers' and new technologies stands. Then head for SILMO Academy before joining the future of optics at SILMO Next. And of course, attend the Talks on Visual Health!

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Man wearing glasses with an opaque lens