The SILMO CSR Award recognises optics and eyewear companies for their exemplary commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This award embodies SILMO's ambition to promote sustainable practices within the optical community.

Morethan a competition, an encouragement to emulate good CSR practicesin the field of optometry

In the last few years, SILMO – the trade fair of reference in the optical and eyewear industry has begun to address corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR). With punctual actions that inform and raise awareness, SILMO hopes to help get professionals in the field to take into account the importance of CSR. It offers opportunities to discuss and share experiences in order to co-construct the industry’s best practices together. This year, SILMO has decided to go one step further in accompanying the optical community on the essential yet sometimes complex path to CSR. SILMO launches a Responsible Company prize for progress in social and environmental responsibility.

This prize is open to all exhibitors, and it aims to distinguish one company from the optical sector for its contribution to reducing its environmental footprint and optimising its social impact. SILMO intends on encouraging emulation rather than competition among companies. A winner will be selected, of course, but the application submission procedure will also make it possible to collect good corporate practices. These good practices will be highlighted to inspire the entire community.

Moreover, all the participating companies will receive a few personalised recommendations in furthering their approach. To combine its knowledge of the optical field with the expertise of a recognized leader in the CSR area,SILMO joins forces with the CSR agency Hyssop, which will develop the specifications for the prize and provide a third-party evaluation of the companies submitting an application.

The objectives of the responsible company prize

  • Bringing visibility to companies in the optical sector that are involved in CSR
  • Inspiring all companies and raising awareness

The Approach

A collaborative effort, the Responsible Company Prize takes three main areas into account:

  • Global and holistic: the prize aims to evaluate the company as a whole and not just the CSR approach of a single product, which may be negligible compared to the bigger picture. The environmental aspect will be taken into account, as will comprehensive CSR subjects: responsible purchasing, product life cycle, labour conditions, solidarity, and so on. Each company will be assessed according to 17 criteria corresponding with the CSR challenges specific to optical professionals. The evaluation will take into account both the company’s existing commitments and its future undertakings and objectives.

  • Credible yet accessible, the prize will be rigorous, with a solid frame of reference and clear rating criteria supported by the CSR expertise of recognised specialists in the field. However, it will remain attainable so that everyone may participate and demonstrate their efforts. Companies are not required to demonstrate measures in every area, but rather actions that show its awareness of the issues and a strong determination to make progress at the highest level.

  • They will be asked precise questions founded on tangible elements focusing on action rather than blanket CSR statements. Companies submitting an application will be asked to provide evidence and indicators that can justify their claims. The questionnaire is comprehensive, and yet it is as simplified as possible to remain within everyone’s reach, including those that do not necessarily have a great deal of time to devote to it.

The Jury

The independent panel is made up of optical professionals, a designer, and CSR experts (including CSR journalists and Hyssop consultants). All members of the jury promise to observe a “code of honour” and may not evaluate the application of a company they have worked for. The jury will convene in mid-September.

The winning company will be announced on September 21 during the SILMO d'Or evening.


Hyssop, Global CSR agency

Hyssop isn’t about empty words: it prefers concrete actions over grandiose claims. Specifically, Hyssop assembles technical CSR experts in brand strategy and responsible communication. It provides the means to guide each company in a global sustainable transformation that is well-aligned with their business. Hyssop accompanies companies of all sizes, from the SNCF to Jeff de Bruges to Guerlain to the French Office for Biodiversity, which all sincerely strive to reduce their environmental footprint and optimise their social impact.

A CSR diagnosis and action plan, a responsible purchasing policy, a biodiversity roadmap, a business model review, discussions with the stakeholders, content platform creation, and an in-house involvement programme are all areas to which Hyssop brings its 20 years of experience in assisting committed companies seeking the best way to improve.