True to its DNA, the Trends Forum will highlight trends and innovations of 2024.

Before discovering which trends will be in the spotlight this year, those that shape the immediate future and those that are more committed to the long term, let's take a look back at last year's trends.

The 4 trends for 2023:


The eco-responsible trend: Climate change and environmental problems have become a priority issue, requiring companies to reduce their ecological footprint and place their social commitments at the heart of their strategy.
Selection of eyewear based on eco-design criteria, sustainable materials, organic, circular economy, low tech, etc. For each frame, specify the ecological parameter(s): biodegradable and/or compostable material, eco-design, recycled material, biosourced material, FSC or PEFC (responsible forest management) labelled wood, eco-innovative material, etc.


Metal trend: Steel, aluminium, titanium, beta-titanium, etc. are renewing the creativity of eyewear designers, who are offering light, streamlined profiles.
A selection of metal eyewear combined with sophisticated constructions, novel surface treatments, unusual hinges, innovative assemblies, etc.


The know-how and modernity trend: whether timeless, timeless or universal, the classics are standards that act as stylistic benchmarks.
A selection of iconic, elegant eyewear, timeless values with a contemporary style, frames that draw on recognised aesthetic references without sacrificing originality and creativity.



The ultra-fancy trend: creation opens up the field of possibilities and juggles with styles (and style effects!) in complete freedom. A selection of fantasy and fashion eyewear that combines harmonious materials and colours for maximum visual impact and eye candy.