Embark on a journey through the history of eyewear with exhibits from the Oyonnax and Morez museums, unveiling the secrets of eyeglasses' evolution

Because the history of eyewear originated in the Jura region of France, the Musée du peigne et de la plasturgie in Oyonnax and the Musée de la Lunette in Morez are returning to SILMO 2023 to present a new chapter in the great eyewear adventure!

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Immerse yourself in the great history of eyewear!

A precious object from the outset, eyewear has continued to evolve to become the pair we know today. As a protective tool, a medical instrument and above all a fashion accessory, they have taken on all shapes and been fashioned in all materials. But it was undoubtedly the arrival of plastic that unleashed the creative passions.

Glasses on a woman's bust

The Musée du Peigne et de la Plasturgie exhibits at SILMO Paris 2023.

Take the time to immerse yourself in the talent and skills of the Oyonnax eyewear manufacturers at the Musée du Peigne et de la Plasturgie. A number of works will be on display in the Oyonnax and Morez museums for the occasion. Dare to visit museums!

Glasses placed on a bust with a wig