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Pure titanium frame; Front produced from a single piece of titanium; Super flexible beta titanium temples with patented "Swordfish" adjustable system; 100% biocompatible, hypoallergenic and nickel-free frame; High quality NYLON lenses; Anti-Reflection lenses. Mat gray exterior / Mat moka upper eyerim / Mat  moka temples interior / gradient brown lenses 



The company was founded by Maria Pramaor in 1971 as a metal frames production supplier for all the main companies in the district and to some European Clients. Since 1990, our focus has been the titanium frame production specialization, using Japanese raw materials and technologies (the world’s best), as the titanium manufacturing requires extremely complex skills with so little in common with the “normal” metal frame making. In 2007 the strategy changed: our own brands -Bioeyes e Blackfin - were created, produced and distributed, so in 2010 we stopped producing as a supplier and since 2012 we have focused on Blackfin: such a high standing product needs an extraordinary quality together with a moving and unique story.

Blackfin brand identity is coherently recapped by the following payoff: Looking Beyond. Always.