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All ideas are born from a spark, a flash that comes from the passion and conviction of doing things in a different way. lool has its origins in Barcelona, but wants to start its story in Silmo Paris.

Light is the birth of everything, the main culprit of our perception of the world. Without light we would not have colors, shadows or perspective. Light has been inspiring humans since prehistory, and is the fountain from which ideas emanate.

Is where everything happens. The universe in which things are created and the place where ideas are transformed and created into reality.

The physical and tangible, palpable and what you see, tectonic and stereotomic. It is the geometry of nature and the human fingerprint on objects.

The glasses lool® have in retrofuturism a main influence. The term retro-futurism refers to a set of artistic expressions that demonstrate a longing for the imaginary utopian future of the lastthird of the twentieth century.
This has influenced disciplines such as architecture and urbanism, and its main objective was the reinvention of overpopulated
urban space, adapting to the reality of a highly industrial society. From this movement come some of our most distinctive features, both in design and as a brand.


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