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    Push Through





      We are eyewear industry experts with 80+ combined years of experience. The diversity in our founding partners is the essence of the company encompassing manufacturing, Branding, sales, design and development and most
      of all quality.
      A company based on the needs of an ever changing eyewear industry. Currently, we have seen a trend that distribution shares are continuing to grow towards direct to consumer outlets. While gaining the attention of a fickle customer and an adapting post-financial crisis consumer expectations, we find that the wholesale industry has been continually exploring less expensive ways to manufacture in order to maintain a margin goal (pre-financial crisis).
      This new way of doing business, essentially is stripping the eyewear industry of high quality, well designed, individualized and inspirational product. Product that essentially creates loyal consumers without a brand!
      CIC has been established on the knowledge of industry experts from all realms to bring a competitive price range for a premium quality product.

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