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Edwardson Eyewear


Edwardson Eyewear - EDWARDSON EYEWEAR


Edwardson is a high-end eyewear company based in Geneva created by Edouard Bollé. He launched his own brand with passion gained throughout years of working and watching his family operate. His philosophy is to merge tradition and modernism using high end materials and technology to recreate classics with a twist of modernity, being materials or colours.

The commitment for perfection and the detail-oriented spirit is what drives the company. This commitment is also put in more than the eyewear. The brand ensure that spectacle cases, stands and other part of eyewear show high-end materials and quality.

The company puts a strong emphasis on vintage and design articles with a very acute sense of fashion. The handcrafted- quality label is also a proof of the dedication Edouard Bollé wants in its manufacture.