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Dita Eyewear

DITA EYEWEAR - Dita Eyewear


Edgy yet elegant with an East meets West aesthetic and design influences ranging from Hollywood’s glamorous Golden Age to the mechanized beauty of the Industrial Revolution.

DITA has achieved a cult-like following similar to such other legendary brands as Patek Phillippe watches and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Very few brands ever achieve this level of customer loyalty. Much like Harley devotees who acknowledge one another as they pass by, DITA enthusiasts alike share a analogous connection with a knowing nod or smile. No other eyewear brand in the world enjoys this level of devotion.

Creating a single DITA frame can take as many as 320 separate productions steps over 8 months. Like samurai swordsmiths from a bygone era, our master craftsmen have dedicated as many as 50 years to perfecting their crafts.


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