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AM Eyewear was founded in 2003, thanks largely to the absence of unique hand crafted frames within Australia. AM’s mission to create beautiful and exceptional eyewear soon matured into a global wholesale company with leading optical and fashion stockists around the world. Handcrafted in Italy and Japan using a combination of premium materials, our frames are fitted with co-branded nylon Zeiss Lenses and Gold ET AR back coating. In an industry where multinational companies are all about the numbers sold, AM Eyewear’s ethos is to be a creator of eyewear and not a counter of eyewear. See through the difference.

 2018 collection 'Mayan Gold'

This season AM Eyewear has handcrafted an exquisite range plated with 9 ct,18 ct, 22 ct gold, as well as combinations of silver, rose gold, and copper elements across frames, hardware and lenses. The creative process for Mayan Gold invoked the crisp, cool tones of rainforests and the application of precious minerals to create bespoke artifacts.


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