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ONKEL FERDI by OPTIBONUS GmbH - Montures Optiques et solaires

Störyer Str. 9



As a brand we would like to remain true to our role model Uncle Ferdi. No-one else better embodies the values we want from the
products which accompany us in everyday life. Born and raised in
Cologne uncle Ferdi not only fell in love for the city – he also found his great love in Änni. Together they shared a lust for life 60 years.
High quality craftsmanship is first top priority for us – uncle Ferdi always worked on the highest level and always dressed well. His caring, open-minded and honest manner shaped him as person, and continues to shape us today.
Our frames accompany us every day, sometimes all our lives.
Therefore reliability, uniqueness, expressiveness and style are an
absolute must for us. We are pleased to dedicate our brand to such
a fascinating man. Thank you uncle Ferdi.
Perfect shapes and colours which retain their beauty over time.
Almost forgotten traditional manufacturing techniques such as the 45° hingecut ,sandblasted surfaces and hotstamp marking remind of
the good old days and show a quality which is 100 % made in Germany. This is the heart of the ONKEL FERDI collection.
With the  frames we introduces his little family with their traditional Cologne names: 
Konni, Pitter, Yogi, Mattes, Hennes, Fred, Fritz, Hein, Dresi, Lina, Stina, Tinni, Lisbett, Zilli, Nelles, Mundes, Luzi, Marie, Harry and Toni – all of them are just like uncle Ferdi and pleased to become a part of other people`s live.


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