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Amaury & Hervé Domar Paris

Amaury & Hervé Domar Paris - Montures Optiques et solaires

Stands :

5 N 101

Montures 7 - Artisan

75005 PARIS


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    31 Juillet 2018

    It was in the 6th arrondissement of Paris where Hervé Domar founded his eponymous eyewear brand. He later extended his realm to jewelry design and fragrance epitomizing his childhood memory. Over the course of the past three decades, his multi-talents have led him to create and develop a unique and artistic approach among other eyewear designers.

    There are three materials often used in the Hervé Domar Paris eyewear collection depicting three different moods and functions: cellulose acetate for going with our daily wardrobe; those incrusted by Swarovski crystals for a hedonistic fun night out; real horn to assert the glasses as a true luxury item.

    When it comes to the fabrication, the craftsmanship plays a major role. Every frame is handmade in Jura, a region in the east of France. It assures not only the impeccable quality of the glasses but also ensures the value of the local artisans.